ErisStation Conference Phone with 2 Mics


ErisStation Conference Phone with 2 Mics VT-VCS702

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Take conference phone calls to the next level with ErisStation, a business conference system featuring four wireless mics and interference-free soundThis innovative conference phone lets participants spread out and stay engagedOrbitlink Wireless Technology: microphones transmit multiple digital audio streams, which are synchronized to maximize pickup range in all directionsPremium Sound Quality: Acoustic echo cancellation allows two-way discussions to occur naturally and automatic gain control normalizes audio levels so even soft speakers come through loud and clearInterference-Free Conferencing: Dynamic noise reduction automatically eliminates distracting ambient noise for clear conversations that flow naturallyIntegrated Communications System: A built-in charging station with magnetic bays ensures the microphones are charged and ready for the next meeting and the system is PBX compatible

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 13 in


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